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Put yourself in the reporter's shoes

Jennifer Hutchins has worked in media relations for many years with experience as both journalist and story pitcher. When it comes to PR, it all comes down to understanding the media’s point of view. Her advice is straight forward: “Read the news. Put yourself in the reporter’s shoes. Tell a very short, simple story that would interest your next-door neighbor.” As for planning, Jennifer has taught seminars on the topic and crafted plans for several organizations. The trick is to identify concrete objectives BEFORE considering specific tactics or tools. If you begin with the statement “Let’s do a news release,” you are putting the cart before the proverbial horse.

Additionally, Peter Weed, who as an editor has been at the receiving end of countless pitches, knows what it takes to get news in print, on the Web and on the air. He has also produced sell sheets for Portland Press Herald projects and has contributed creative work and planning to a number of print marketing campaigns, including the Press Herald’s “Minding Maine’s Business” efforts.