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Less is more

Jennifer Hutchins and Peter Weed combine to bring wide-ranging experience to writing projects, having written and edited features for national and regional newspapers and magazines, as well as having produced material for scholarly journals and professional publications.


A stickler for grammatical precision, Jennifer has been a columnist for Mainebiz and has written or edited numerous policy reports. She was a co-author of “The Creative Economy in Maine,” which was written for the 2002 Governor’s Conference on the Creative Economy. Jennifer has also been the editor of several newsletters and promotional materials. She is an avid fan of the Chicago Manual of Style’s monthly online Q&A.



He has extensive writing experience for newspapers and magazines and has always tried to follow the writing dictum: "less is more.”

A contributing writer for MovieMaker Magazine, he has written about crime genres and innovations, both technical and thematic, in film.

For newspapers, he has written feature and sports stories and served an uncomfortable, grisly tour as a crime reporter in northern California.

He has also filled numerous editing roles, including the ulcer-generating position of slot editor for a six-edition, morning newspaper.

After a turn as a content editor for MaineToday.com, he worked most recently as special sections editor at the Portland Press Herald, where he earned a number of national and regional awards bearing obscure acronyms.

Finally, at the more esoteric end of the spectrum, he served as an editorial assistant on the “The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne: The elegies, while a graduate student at the University of Missouri.”

Recent MovieMaker articles include:

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Upcoming projects include:

Greed is Good, an overview of Greed in Film

The Nazi Filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl